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We’re Debt Free!


As of September 28, 2016, we became debt free and are now BS3ers!

We’ve had student loan debt since 1993 and threw in significant credit card debt in the early 2000s, probably all together amounting to well over $180,000 (i.e. Payday Loans in Florida). We ramped up on Dave Ramsey beginning in March 2015 and dedicated everything we had to first and foremost getting out of debt. This year, we paid $52,800 towards our debt, largely due to spending below what the government identifies as the poverty line by a family of four.

I won’t receive my next paycheck until Friday Oct 12, so we haven’t yet tasted that sweet, sweet snowball going into our pocket instead of our servitude creditors.

Through the BS2 process, we learn about ourselves and how to improve our life together as a family. A best part about the BS2 process is what we learned about family finances and budgeting and how to use that to maximize the snowball as a way towards financial freedom. We will be using that budgeting system the rest of our lives and we are teaching it to our kids.

If you are reading this and are struggling on BS2, hang in there and keep pushing forward. If you work hard at getting out of debt, it can be done!