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the baby steps as outlined by DR, gold/silver does have value but they are both rather clunky to work with (literally and figuratively). Paper assets are a lot more convenient. But for folks who want to round out their investment types, particularly in the case of worrying about what the economy is doing, gold/silver can provide a potent alternative. Gold/silver also holds value for non-conventional trading. And I think at the end of the day, any well-rounded investment person would suggest a well-rounded investment portfolio, which included non-paper assets. If I were to win Lotto this very instant, a lot would go into the typical investment instruments that DR talks about. But some would go into alternatives – gold/silver, real estate, food, durable goods, etc. This entire farm could be considered an investment vehicle because of all the durable goods we have at any given time. So there’s a lot of ways to look at building wealth, which go way beyond paper assets.The one thing I’ll caution folks to do if they’re interested in this, is to go do their homework FIRST. Don’t just go buying the first gold and silver coins you find on eBay. Learn about the different types of coins, and which ones are trading for what value and how that value has changed over time. There are entire books written about this topic, and more than a few periodicals devoted to the gold/silver trade. Invest in that education first so that you’ll know what you’re getting into, what to look for, where to do business, where NOT to do business, and why. As with anything else, there’s ways to make money at this and ways to lose money. If you want to go this route, be ready to undertake the associated learning curve so you can do it well. Which is a valid strategy for any type of investment.