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I don’t know about you but I’ve not seen a single gold/silver scale at my vet


the grocery store, power company, or any other place I do business at. How would you cash it in? How would you be certain you are getting the proper value? Where would cash it in. Plus do you have any idea how heavy gold is?

Another bit of irony I’ve noticed, and it could be just me, but I think it is ironic that the people selling all that gold and silver are taking in US paper currency from you for payment? So if the US dollar is going to be so worthless, why would they want it? Why wouldn’t they just keep the gold and silver for themselves?
Inflation is inflation and nothing is going to change that. If it takes $6 to buy a loaf of bread at a store it’s going to be $6 whether it is gold, silver or cash. $6 is $6 at whatever the prevailing rate is. You would be far better off to invest in your families future right now, while the exchange rate is lower. Get debt free and you won’t need near as much cash. Build a stockpile of non-perishable goods when you can purchase them on sale, they will NOT get lower in cost in the future, they will not deflate. Rotate that stockpile so nothing ruins and most importantly get an education in a marketable skill that you can barter with.Currently my family could, if necessary, live without electricity and running water. Might not be happy about it but we could. I personally can trade butchering, sewing, leather work, needle crafts and teach numerous classes on self sufficiency as well as math and some other skills to help educate our youth if things really went south. Dh and ds have other skills they could easily barter with. We had a “trade blanket” for years so we know how to barter as well. We are the type of people that would get kicked off of “Survivor” because we can build a fire without matches in more than one way, we can forage for food as well as grow our own, and we know that if you decide to eat the chickens that are provided you it is the rooster that hits the pot not the hens, because the hens will give you eggs to supplement your food while the rooster will simply wake you up crowing when you most want to sleep.These are the things we’ve chose to invest in, not silver and gold.