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I bought my first gold in 1988


as a young newly married woman. We didn’t have very much and I only invested roughly $300, which even then was too small to really get into any other kinds of stocks or bonds. I bought another $300 worth a year later, for slightly more. I think the cutoff point for most forms of investing at that time (as far as I had checked anyway) was at least $500. So gold was one of the few things I could actually buy with the money I had to work with at the time. When my first husband and I divorced, he took half. Bummer.When I sold my half of the gold approx 20 years later, I needed the money and I needed it fast. It served EXACTLY the purpose I needed it to serve. I hated to see it go, but yes I made something on that investment. Not only did I get the money I needed when I needed it, it sold for a lot more per ounce than I’d originally paid for it. Compared to the options I had at the time, it out-performed my savings account by a lot, and it kept me from taking out more debt. So, it served its purpose quite well. I don’t regret selling it, even though I wish I still had it.Also, based on what I’ve read, it’s rather backwards to think of what gold is worth in terms of dollars (or any other currency). Rather, the real question is what that given currency is worth when compared to gold.