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As I posted in early October


we became debt free on September 28, 2015 after being in debt since the mid 2000s. Four months have pass since the chains dropped and we’ve been able to begin building our FFEF. The money has been building up in our checking account. Our FFEE is up to around $8,000 and the bank recently rewarded us with $0.08 interest for the month of January.

We’re looking for recommendations for a Dave Ramsey bank to send our FFEF money. I recall there being one or two banks that offered 2% return, but that was when we were on BS2, so things may have changed.

We’re open to suggestions on where to put our FFEF money. Also, it would be nice to receive a run down on what we need to be doing on BS3. We’ve mostly been laying low healing from our year and a half BS2 process and, now that we have some FFEF money, I probably need to get us going on the BS3 steps.